Review for Speciality Coils

November 26th, 2013

I wanted to stop by and deliver a special ‘thank you’ to Specialty Coils for their recent work at my place of business. I am a business owner in Texas with thousands of employees that I am responsible for. As most can imagine, the summer sun can be quite brutal down south. Understandably, I did not want to wait long for specialty coils when the building’s HVAC unit broke. My contractor has a close working relationship with me and suggested we have specialty coils made after the unit broke down several times. I wanted a solution that would solve this ongoing issue once and for all.

After some investigating, I found Specialty Coils and contacted them about the HVAC issue. I had a lot of questions about the process, and the professionals at Specialty Coils were very knowledgeable and pointed me to plenty of literature on their website. They had no problem getting out to look at my unit and take measurements. They asked a lot of questions about my building’s design, occupancy, typical uses, and so on which really impressed me. The whole process was very efficient and smooth, and I felt very informed every step of the way. Specialty Coils really goes the extra mile to work every aspect possible into their designs. I think that is the way engineering should be done to achieve fantastic results.

I must admit that I had very high expectations after reading about their 150 years of experience. That is an astounding number. After working with them, I think it is easy to see how they manage to stay in business so long. I was able to get my specialty coils in just a few weeks. I honestly couldn’t believe this and expected some trouble to arise, because even ordering ready-made coils for my HVAC system usually took much longer than that. I’ve never experienced faster service regarding a major repair.

Eventually, the professionals at Specialty Coils were able to show me that my current coils did not fit the system properly, causing inadequate performance and wear. I am so happy that I took the time to work with them on a custom design. This service was absolutely worth every penny, and I know my employees and I are working more efficiently in much more comfortable working conditions. If you are having HVAC coil issues, I cannot recommend Specialty Coils enough. They will save you time, money and frustration.

Sit, Stay, CLICK! Tips For Photographying Your Favorite Furry Friends

November 22nd, 2013

A lot of people have pets who they absolutely adore. They will often want mementos of their animal companions and what could be better than a photograph? However, there is a problem. It is hard to get animals to do  what you want them to do, even when they are friendly. This can get frustrating, but you need to be a professional and find a way to get great shots regardless. Here are a few tips that can help.

1. Stick to natural light

Always try to photograph a pet when the natural lighting conditions are sufficient enough to ensure a good picture. This is because using a flash is never ideal in this scenario. For one, it will cause red eyes to pop up but, more importantly, the sudden bright light will frighten most animals.


2. Go to their level

The biggest problem with pet photography is when the animals do not feel comfortable. They do not need to be aggressive. It is enough for them to be nervous or anxious and you will have a hard time getting a good photo. That is why you need to do all you can in order to help them relax. One good way is simply to get down to their level. They will not be as stressed and you will get a better angle for the shot.

Sad Pug Puppy

3. Make the eyes stand out

In a photo of a human, the eyes are extremely expressive so they need to be the focus of the image. This is also true for animals. Their eyes can show just as much emotion so be sure to capture them as best as possible.


When you are in need of top grade photography studio equipment there is no better place for this than YescomUSA. Here you will find a varied collection of products to suit your needs exactly.

For Flooring Cleat Nails, Go with the Best Manufacturer in Town

November 19th, 2013

Advanced resemblance expertise offers uncomplicated usage of flooring cleat nails with a lesser amount of wreckage. It even presents a basic treatment and a less splintering. For informal and open-air functions where nail deterioration and staining should be prevented, you can utilize their 304 Grade Stainless Steel FleXCleats.

Since nail deprivation is a cause, this product, is in addition suggested for ACQ Treated Lumber and Acidic or Oil Based Exotic Hardwoods. Their Stainless Steel FleXCleats are created comparable to Stanley Bostitch. They are L-formed flooring cleat nails, composed of sixteen gauge 304 Grade Stainless Steel. Mainly used for peripheral or Pressure Treated Hardwood Flooring functions into wood bordered sub-floors, their 1 and 1/2 flooring cleat nails are contrived with a beamed trunk which spectacularly enhances your holding influence and aids to put off the floor screeching. It is created to accord with the likes of Porter Cable, Senco, Bostitch, Senco and several others. Every box includes roughly thousand nails. You can purchase the product at an affordable and reasonable price. Many contented and happy customers sent their wonderful words because of the good quality of the product.

Some stated that they received it in good condition and in great shape. They will definitely recommend it to others. Since the delivery is fast and shipping is very prompt, you can feel the gladness with their words of appreciation. The consumers are satisfied with the service. They declared that they received great communication and best service and definitely come back for more orders. One pleased client ordered a box of 2″ staples for Bostitch. They arrived the day unexpectedly because he was anxious about shipping such a weighty box of assembled fasteners without them being dented. The external box was a slight scratched on the ends however they were packaged well and the contents were in excellent condition. And thanked them for the first-rate service.

Restore Deck Paint with Durable and Lasting Products

November 19th, 2013

In case you need to eternally restore deck paint such as timber or concrete, you will never go wrong with Armor Lifetime Renew It Coating. Since they have a specialized quality composition, their product offers you with a long-term response for exterior lumber, solid decks and platforms! Deck Renew It coating will restore deck paint and re-establish the exquisiteness of your decks with numerous lovely colors and certainly not whittle or break off!

Among other trade quality coatings that don’t endure, their Lifetime Renew It deck coating is absolutely never to be baffled with several products that are offered at any home improvement stores. They create and sell directly to the consumers like you because this is an industrial and certified quality production. The temperature fluctuations have no impact on the coating since Deck Renew It coating is exceptionally adaptable. It is even strong enough to manage snow shoveling.

According to them, no other coating product has a completion like theirs. Whereas their Super Deck Paint, as with some standard paint, is not lasting since it is not a coating. The similar pertains to why their garage floor epoxy is better and advanced. It’s for the reason that they are created from “concretes” which formulate them a coating and not a paint that more economical epoxies are. Therefore those kinds of paint formulations chip in a year or so even if on your garage flooring, store ground, timber deck or solid deck.

 If you desire to restore deck paint with a conventional color, you can request the tint base edition from the color drop down box. Afterwards you can combine to ten ounces of common water base tint offered at any paint shop to streak and blend  into any color you desire. It can be utilized on the whole deck. They propose that you apply it with their little area roller to the balustrades and posts. If you would like a more even, less polished completion, you can as well use a brush.  Lifetime Renew It coating performs excellently on unprocessed wood and is the finest continuing preservation you can apply the material, which usually perishes out somewhat swiftly. To decrease decomposing from the underside, they propose, you fasten the bottom of the timbers with any common Home Improvement kind sealer. The residential quality sealers should endure a great amount of time and will elongated the existence of the lumber since the base of the boards are not displayed to sun or interchange.

Review for Bracknell Capital

November 6th, 2013

Bracknell Capital helped make our dreams come true when it seemed we had exhausted all other channels. We sought out a private lender for a large loan, as we wished to purchase a large residential estate. Due to some wrongful smudges on our financial history, we were unable to receive the full amount from traditional lenders. Bracknell Capital looked into our full financial picture and saw we were responsible, dependable borrowers. They gave us a chance when banks and credit unions would not.

My wife and I were hesitant to seek a private lender, but we couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Bracknell Capital. In fact, we later discovered that the loan we received from Bracknell Capital was much more flexible than loans banks likely would have afforded us. The application was very simple, and the entire process from application to receipt of our funds was streamlined and painless. It didn’t take many months like most loans. It fact, it was a remarkably fast process.

As it was our first time taking out a loan of this size, we had numerous questions. Bracknell Capital responded quickly, was always easy to reach, and provided plenty of literature and resources to help us along. All loan documents were provided and explained to us in terms we could understand. We felt confident that Bracknell Capital did all it could to make things as clear as possible for us. The personalized attention was a plus, and I really liked that they had time to meet with us personally whenever we felt a consultation was required.

When we didn’t contact them, Bracknell Capital stayed in touch regularly. When anything changed or happened, they called us right away. Questions were answered within hours, and they were never more than a single phone call away. It is clear that they know the secret to successful business lies in top-notch customer service. Banks may be friendly, but Bracknell Capital really goes the distance for their clients.

Thanks to Bracknell Capital, we were able to close on a beautiful new home that will be the setting for precious memories with our family for many years to come. Thank you for providing the outstanding service you do. We were finally looked at as more than mere numbers, and this led to the acquisition of our dreams.

Review for Evolve Guest Controls

November 6th, 2013

Evolve has completely evolved the way we run our hotel. We are a small hotel that caters to very demanding clientele. We chose Evolve because it is built on the revolutionary Z-Wave networking technology that we’ve heard so much about. The hype is very accurate, and the Evolve line of products uses Z-Wave technologically beautifully. The entire experience from installation to first implementation of the technology with real clients was as smooth as could be. Our energy costs are down since it monitors efficient use, and we fully expect that our Evolve system will pay for itself in due time.

We fell in love with the Evolve AI as soon as we tried the demo. Guests seem to love being able to have so much control over their room, and it has made our lives easier as well. Previously, some of these things had to be fine-tuned by hand, which added to the daily workload. With Evolve AI, guests can fully control lights and temperature, set alarms, and select music stations. Guests can make reservations right through the display and view weather and news information.  Ordering amenities and room service without picking up the phone has been a treat that guests remark about regularly. It’s fully automated, gives an up-scale feel, and provides travelers with the information they need to have a great hotel stay. It’s an essential part of our hotel now.

The office-side software used to monitor the Evolve systems was easy to use after some initial training.  EvolveNet allows us to monitor everything with ease, and our staff at the front desk has more control than ever before. Maintenance takes less time, as the software can help identify some problems, and we can even view stats about energy consumption and conservation. We can even control and view things remotely, which provides peace of mind.

The best part, perhaps, is that Z-Wave technologies all work with each other. This means that if we choose to expand our technologies again in the future,  other Z-Wave products can easily be thrown into the mix. Z-Wave and Evolve technologies have helped us run our business better, and this is a blessing in an industry where customer demands change often and frequently become more difficult to meet. Thank you for helping us to evolve the way we serve our guests!

Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About African Fashion!

November 4th, 2013


Africans formerly used palettes derived from plants according to the African region (e.g. white, black and red in South Africa, blue, yellow, green and red in Ghana).

We talked about the style of Africa and as, with few materials, you can get an original style and spontaneous.

African has a beautiful, unique and unparalleled fashion. The wild nature and magic tribes that live there have inspired throughout history hundreds of designers.

The designer Jean Paul Gaultier opted for animal prints to shape their collection. He also showed his passion for Africa and doing a limited edition of their very well-known and classic embellished with perfumes.

Feathers have an important role in this fashion, adorning skirts and shoes. According to some traditions, the feathers are useful to communicate with the spirit world.

Because of their lack of material, they also used animal bones to decorate their clothes. Although this abomination for them is normal. Africa offers an infinite range of trends that have captivated artists from all over the world.

Clothing and African-inspired accessories are everywhere. Blouses and shirts with ocher and orange colors invade the shop windows and take us to this magical continent. When we think of Africa comes to mind its color, its nature and animals and is in these things that are inspired by the designers for their new creations. Mosaics and feline prints give a stir this summer.

But it is not only shirts, blouses, dresses or skirts. The accessories also come to light. Big and bulky necklaces incorporated in shirts or part, many bracelets, handbags and high heels.

Even the scarves worn on the head are making a space in this sector, either to wear them as a turban or as a headband. All these accessories are added around African trends.

The designers want to show a very feminine yet tough as Africa. They want to highlight the African sensuality and femininity but still show the true personality of the continent and its people.

Just when it seemed that animal prints had been forgotten.

The combination of white and ocher colors makes tanning highlight more also are cool colors for summer and very consistent this season.

We go to stores looking for a current, original and unique set. With globalization is difficult to find outfits that meet these requirements, especially if you do not live in a big city. We know that African ethnic style is unusual in the street-style of Europe and yet different, colorful, casual and does not seem out of fashion.

Review for Bauer’s public bus rentals

November 1st, 2013

Bauer’s public bus rentals are top notch! My company recently needed transportation to a convention site several hours away. We had many employees to transport, but we were- like most companies- on a tight budget. We found Bauer during an internet search and found they fit our criteria beautifully. We did consider several options and companies, but Bauer came through in terms of amenities, price, and safety. As an eco-concious company, we especially liked the availability of their line of green buses. Additionally, we were won over by their award-winning service and resume of serving high-profile companies. I was very surprised, honestly, that such a remarkable public bus rental service would be available at a price affordable by my mid-sized company.

You would never expect so many amenities from an eco-friendly vehicle line. We rented a green bus for our journey and it was outstanding. The interior of this bus was clean, gorgeously detailed, and comfortable. My employees and I were quite pleased with the aesthetic value of the interior. Wi-fi was available and worked at a nice speed. This allowed us to work and plan throughout the journey, and there was plenty of space for computers, tablets, and just stretching. There were plenty of power outlets and even a coffee dispenser- much more than we needed! We did not use any monitors but the availability of this was impressive as well. It is more than clear that Bauer’s public bus rentals are designed to cater to companies and having an effective work environment right on this luxury-styled bus was mind-blowing. I couldn’t have asked for more in terms of amenities and quality.

Our chauffeur arrived on time and was extremely friendly. I did have high standards based on Bauer’s information that their public bus rentals included a chauffeur who is very experienced, fully screened, and has a flawless safety record. I was definitely not disappointed! He appeared to be very knowledgeable about the vehicle and was able to assist us with the on-board technologies. I can only thank this very kind gentleman for his assistance. I can’t say enough about the class and courtesy that was afforded to my employees and myself during our excursion. Wonderful attitude, exceptional service, and several of my employees remarked that they felt like royalty when boarding the bus! We made it to our destination without delay or incident. I cannot recommend Bauer’s public bus rentals enough- they simply define the highest standard of service in the transportation industry. Thank you for a remarkably smooth and enjoyable trip!

Review for

October 29th, 2013

As a nurse, I buy a lot of scrubs and it can be difficult to find styles I like that are actually affordable. Many scrub outlets advertise low prices and they do have them, but only on plain scrubs in bland colors that don’t catch my interest. I found BlueSkyScrubs during an internet search and their selection of bright colors and patterns caught my eye. I decided to place my first order a few months ago, and I have since been back to order more!

I initially ordered a few sets of Shelby scrubs from the Blue Sky Classic Collection. I ordered scrubs in Wine, Eggplant, and Peacock. They arrived exceptionally fast- within a week- and were packaged well. I opened the scrubs and tried them all on. They fit perfectly which speaks volumes about the quality of their sizing charts. The colors are as bright and wonderful as you can expect- the pictures on the webpage just don’t do them justice! Fabric quality is outstanding and seems sturdy. I am quite pleased with this, as some other brands of scrubs tend to snag and frag unfortunately. I think this style may be my new favorite! It is a classic, comfortable fit available in fun colors. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

A few weeks ago I even came back and ordered more. My order arrived within days and I began wearing them immediately. I ordered some holiday-themed scrubs and some hats from the Pixie Collection.  These hats are comfortable, the fabric quality is wonderful, and I love wearing them. There are so many fun patterns and I will surely be buying more, but this time I went with Akona and Candy Land. I get so many compliments from coworkers when I wear these hats, and I’ve even referred a few of them to this site! I just love how their selection of colors really ‘pops’ and these pieces have added a little fun to my day and those of my patients. After all, it is about making a better experience for patients, and I am happy to be able to express some individuality with these fun scrubs and hats.

The best part is the amount of discounts. I follow BlueSkyScrubs on social sites, receive their e-mail newsletter, and I have used various discounts just offered through the site. I receive discount codes very often, and this has saved me money on my orders. I think the prices are very reasonable as is, but who doesn’t want to save money? By using the discount codes and deals, I have been able to overhaul my scrub wardrobe at a much better price than if I went to a physical store or other online retailer. I will definitely be browsing again when I feel the need to add another scrub ensemble to my closet! Thank you so much for providing fast service at a great price. I can’t recommend this retailer enough!

Scaffold rental Washington DC – Review for

September 10th, 2013

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used in construction, renovation, repair and restoration of buildings and other large structures. It typically consists of pipes, hoists, tubes and other support materials so that it provides a safe and convenient environment to support workers and the other people inside and outside the building. Scaffold Resource is one of the most sought-out companies that specializes in scaffolding services and solutions. This company also offers scaffold rental Washington DC, shoring and re-shoring services. Shoring is a term used in the construction industry, where temporary materials (such as steel pipes) are used to prevent a building or a part of it from collapse. Scaffold Resource’s core business is offering scaffolding and shoring services to commercial buildings including churches, schools and more.

Scaffold Resource has undertaken many successful projects in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. They also offer engineering consultation services because they are experts in scaffolding and shoring, which can be quite complex. Scaffolding allows workers closer access to the exterior of a building that is necessary for projects such as restoration, painting, stuccoing and masonry.

This company uses an advanced technology called Scaffold System, in which the centrepiece is an innovative rosette connecter. This minimizes labour costs and delays that would occur with traditional scaffolding systems. This is the best company to call for scaffold rental Washington DC.

The main idea of scaffolding is to provide easy access to the building exterior, in a safe environment. All the employees in Scaffold Resource are highly trained on safety procedures and some of its top management are industry experts on safety norms. Take for instance, a shoring project for a school – this not only needs to support the structure from collapsing on the workers, but also the school children. The official site is easy to navigate, and you can see pictures and details of the projects undertaken in the past. Some of the scaffold rental Washington DC, MD and VA areas are below:

If a company’s reputation depends on its past successes, Scaffold Resource has enviable projects to support that. This is the company that has undertaken scaffolding projects for the U.S. Capitol, Jefferson and Lincoln memorial, the Pentagon and the U.S. Supreme Court. Details are available online. Let’s talk about more projects on popular structures: the Ben Franklin Bridge, Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Chinatown Arch and the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Apart from other projects involving renovation of historic structures, they have also worked on churches, schools, new construction buildings and other industrial buildings.

The testimonials for shoring projects include projects for Brentwood Elementary, Burtonsville Barn, Commerce Park, Toys “R” US and many more. Their famous hoist projects have been for the Constitution Center, Health and Human Services HQ and the Hay Adams Hotel.

Summarizing, if you are looking for scaffold rental Washington DC, commercial scaffolding for sale, scaffolding or shoring rentals or engineering advice, this is one company which you can call. To start, browse through the user-friendly site of Scaffold Resource, or check out their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.­­­