Review for Bracknell Capital

November 6th, 2013

Bracknell Capital helped make our dreams come true when it seemed we had exhausted all other channels. We sought out a private lender for a large loan, as we wished to purchase a large residential estate. Due to some wrongful smudges on our financial history, we were unable to receive the full amount from traditional lenders. Bracknell Capital looked into our full financial picture and saw we were responsible, dependable borrowers. They gave us a chance when banks and credit unions would not.

My wife and I were hesitant to seek a private lender, but we couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Bracknell Capital. In fact, we later discovered that the loan we received from Bracknell Capital was much more flexible than loans banks likely would have afforded us. The application was very simple, and the entire process from application to receipt of our funds was streamlined and painless. It didn’t take many months like most loans. It fact, it was a remarkably fast process.

As it was our first time taking out a loan of this size, we had numerous questions. Bracknell Capital responded quickly, was always easy to reach, and provided plenty of literature and resources to help us along. All loan documents were provided and explained to us in terms we could understand. We felt confident that Bracknell Capital did all it could to make things as clear as possible for us. The personalized attention was a plus, and I really liked that they had time to meet with us personally whenever we felt a consultation was required.

When we didn’t contact them, Bracknell Capital stayed in touch regularly. When anything changed or happened, they called us right away. Questions were answered within hours, and they were never more than a single phone call away. It is clear that they know the secret to successful business lies in top-notch customer service. Banks may be friendly, but Bracknell Capital really goes the distance for their clients.

Thanks to Bracknell Capital, we were able to close on a beautiful new home that will be the setting for precious memories with our family for many years to come. Thank you for providing the outstanding service you do. We were finally looked at as more than mere numbers, and this led to the acquisition of our dreams.

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