Review for Bauer’s public bus rentals

November 1st, 2013

Bauer’s public bus rentals are top notch! My company recently needed transportation to a convention site several hours away. We had many employees to transport, but we were- like most companies- on a tight budget. We found Bauer during an internet search and found they fit our criteria beautifully. We did consider several options and companies, but Bauer came through in terms of amenities, price, and safety. As an eco-concious company, we especially liked the availability of their line of green buses. Additionally, we were won over by their award-winning service and resume of serving high-profile companies. I was very surprised, honestly, that such a remarkable public bus rental service would be available at a price affordable by my mid-sized company.

You would never expect so many amenities from an eco-friendly vehicle line. We rented a green bus for our journey and it was outstanding. The interior of this bus was clean, gorgeously detailed, and comfortable. My employees and I were quite pleased with the aesthetic value of the interior. Wi-fi was available and worked at a nice speed. This allowed us to work and plan throughout the journey, and there was plenty of space for computers, tablets, and just stretching. There were plenty of power outlets and even a coffee dispenser- much more than we needed! We did not use any monitors but the availability of this was impressive as well. It is more than clear that Bauer’s public bus rentals are designed to cater to companies and having an effective work environment right on this luxury-styled bus was mind-blowing. I couldn’t have asked for more in terms of amenities and quality.

Our chauffeur arrived on time and was extremely friendly. I did have high standards based on Bauer’s information that their public bus rentals included a chauffeur who is very experienced, fully screened, and has a flawless safety record. I was definitely not disappointed! He appeared to be very knowledgeable about the vehicle and was able to assist us with the on-board technologies. I can only thank this very kind gentleman for his assistance. I can’t say enough about the class and courtesy that was afforded to my employees and myself during our excursion. Wonderful attitude, exceptional service, and several of my employees remarked that they felt like royalty when boarding the bus! We made it to our destination without delay or incident. I cannot recommend Bauer’s public bus rentals enough- they simply define the highest standard of service in the transportation industry. Thank you for a remarkably smooth and enjoyable trip!

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