Steve Prachyl’s Brushed Metal Art

February 10th, 2013

I never really knew anything about brushed metal art before, but after hearing about Steve Prachyl’s amazing metal wall art, I decided to see what all the talk was about. When you hear brushed metal, you typically don’t think of beauty. After seeing this artist’s work, I now think of brushed metal art differently. I was immediately blown away with how stunning his works of art are. This artist sketches on pieces of metal with a grinder. I have never even heard of this art technique before and it truly is amazing.

Steve Prachyl’s metal wall art features lines, textures, bright silvers, shapes, and transitions. The pieces of art are available in two different styles and different sizes. I chose to order a composite style metal wall art, which is constructed with thin metal and is mounted on eluded plastic backer. I chose the piece “The Ornamental” because I knew it would fit perfectly in my living room. I was so impressed with the line work in this piece, the brilliant curves, and the way it looked after I hung it up on my wall.

Metal wall art is completely unique and not something people are used to seeing. I really like this type of art and I am very pleased with my piece from Steve Prachyal and I know I will be purchasing more art of his in the future. If you are looking for a piece of wall art to compliment your room, I suggest checking out metal wall art. It is something that will look great in any one of your rooms and it will create a beautiful focal point. I guarantee you will have a lot of people asking you about your piece of art as I do now.

Metal wall art is completely impressive and something I will be buying more of in the near future. I am so happy with “The Ornamental” piece of art and how it makes my room look and feel.

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