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February 5th, 2013

Over the last couple of years the interest and prices for diamonds has increased. If you live in New York, you may have noticed that almost every jewelry store now buys diamonds. Lots of people are interested in selling their diamonds but don’t know how to take the first step.  It is common for people to accumulate valuable jewelry over their lifetime, since it can be a great investment. However, selling diamonds or jewelry can sometimes be a little bit frustrating, especially for those who don’t know the true worth of their items. Finding the right place to sell your diamonds just takes a bit of legwork and some common sense. For example, there are some great options online if you choose to sell diamonds jewelry in New York.

Diamonds can be sometimes tougher to sell than gold. Among precious stone buyers there is a lot of controversy over “conflict diamonds” or diamonds that are found in certain locations of Africa. These controversial diamonds are sometimes used to buy illegal merchandise related to war. Diamonds prices have increased due to worldwide demand, especially in China and India.

Keep in mind that the true value of your diamond jewelry can only be determined by a certified appraiser. You can find a professional appraiser in most jewelry stores. Some professional appraisers charge a lot for their services but there are some others that can determine the value of your precious stones for free. The worth of a diamond is dependent upon many factors, especially on its quality and clarity. A diamond’s cut is also something that may affect its value, since there are some cuts are more valuable or rarer than others.

Sometimes, conventional jewelry stores can be difficult to trust, since many try to take advantage of the fact that most sellers aren’t well researched.

If you choose to sell diamonds in New York to someone in the jewelry industry, this means you can process the sell faster than if you should sell to a friend or family member. Many may instead prefer to go the route of using online auction websites such as EBay; however, the threat of getting scammed is higher. You should also only deal with jewelry stores that are certified from recognized institutions. Two great institutions are the American Society of Appraisers and the International Society of Appraisers. These are companies that do their best to maintain quality in the industry, so don’t be afraid to sell your diamond jewelry if the store is properly certified by those institutions.

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