Stock-Up Rock-Salt for Snowy Slippery Days

December 6th, 2011

You don’t stock up later, you don’t stock up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, no no, no. You stock up now. Because Mother Nature is quite the most unpredictable mother of all, and while winter might not come as a shock, snow might do that and it might do it while you’re driving very relaxed on your comfortable roads to your much dreamed weekend getaway, or just home from work. Either way, it’s going to be heavy to deal with.

Salt’s been known for melting snow for quite a while now, but seriously, what does happen when salt is spread all over a snowy road? Well, salt actually lowers the freezing point of water and that makes the snow above that temperature to melt away. The city authorities are usually in charge of hiring staff to spread salt on the roads to prevent slippery. Sometimes, another strategy is used to melt icy driveways and that implies sand sprinkled all around and other chemicals that work only if the temperature are not above 32 degrees. Drivers find themselves in difficulty in such cases, mostly because they’re pretty much on their own, since nothing is as good as salt at melting ice and snow, so the roads aren’t as easily to drive on.

Wise authorities know though that salt is the best enemy in town, literally. Huge amounts of rock salt and there’s hope for safe driving anywhere. It comes in packs of bags, tens of kilos each on Rock Salt and it can be of different flavors, so to speak: both white and brown. Salt spreaders make this whole thing a lot easier by evenly and automatically salt all drivable areas in town and not only. There is a comfortable feeling in driving your car safely knowing nothing is going to slip, that the road is not going to wind up weirdly under your wheels and that you have absolute control of your vehicle no matter how much it snowed last night.

Weather service can predict only a small unfortunate fraction of what’s going to pour down from tomorrow’s clouds but snow management is to be handled with care before there is snow in the equation. Prevention is not a luxury, it is the simplest thing that can be done. Just think about all the snow removal, the shoveling, the blowers and the throwers. If they can make your tongue stumble just by pronouncing them, imagine how much of a complicated mess they make out of cleaning the roads for the frowned drivers. Let’s face it, there’s a bit of a frown when you start your car in the morning thinking of all the slippery streets you’re heading to.

Rock salt is like a magic wand to anybody’s comfortable driving anytime, preventing slippery drives in winter and assuring frown-free faces in front of the steering wheels. Better safe than sorry, better rock salt than risk the horrors of slipping on the icy roads, and eventually, better stock up those packs of salt than have to worry about others doing it for you.

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