Jingle Bells, Jingle Down The Beach

January 14th, 2012

People living at latitudes away from the equator often get into temperature cravings. To be more precise, there’s a strong connection between people enduring long hard winters and daydreaming about Christmas by the sea, any kind of sea, really. It might even be a lake, or a river, as long as they are able to wear a swimsuit and lay in the sun with a cocktail nearby.

Don’t get the wrong idea, snowy winters do compensate for their low temperatures through fairy looking city streets, with snow weighing down the trees and billions of lights to shine the nights away. However, winter feels like survival when is not busy compensating. Feels like survival every time a simple walk to the supermarket turns into a challenging adventure, for which you have to multiply the clothing layers of what you’re wearing according to the blizzard severity they announce in top5 news on TV. When all your clothes weight more than your shopping bag, every step against the wind in your face (that feels like an acid experiment gone wrong) is one more step imagining hypotheses of you by the sea..

Question remains: what are the beach destinations available for high Celsius fun on Christmas holiday? Well, places of delight are the following: Kenya’s East Coast, the Fiji Islands, West Coast of Majorca, the Philippines, Rio de Janeiro and many more.

Pricing might be an issue since it’s the winter holidays we’re talking about. Better start saving months ahead of this to really get your hands on some affordable package. This way you won’t mess up with your credit balance. In Kenya, Diani Beach prices rise up to around 1,000 pounds per person, including flights from London and transfer taxes. Anyway, you won’t be thinking money once you’re walking down the beach with your toes sinking into the sand.

Furthermore, depending on the location you choose, while you leave some traditions at home, you wake up to new ones on arriving in warm places, on warm islands, with the warm customs of those places. People that have spent Christmas in the Philippines don’t talk about tree lights, but about bright lanterns, not about stockings filled with candy, but with mangos. While in Rio, people on the beach get to see a huge Christmas tree floating in a lagoon and the beat goes on.

Must be a piece of heaven to experience all of these, then go sunbathe some more, take up diving, or kite surfing, or simply swim along refreshing ocean waves, and then just chill around reading your favorite author in a comfy hammock while you still have the idea somewhere in the back of your mind that at that same time people at home open their presents inside their homes while there’s freezing hell unleashing outside and they have to put their boots on to go clean the snow in front of their houses, with red cheeks and cold hands.

Life’s too short not to getaway and have one Christmas by the sea waves !

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