Ibiza And Its Hidden Magic

December 19th, 2011

Usually when one says Ibiza, automatically says party. All of the party there is to have, in the world’s most famous clubs, because Ibiza stands gloriously as The Island Of Partying. However, you’d be surprised to find out how many other special things you can discover in Ibiza.

The existence of this stunning island dates back to 654 BC when it was called IBSM, pronounced Ibossim and was dedicated to the God of music and dance Bes. In Santa Eulalia, third largest town on Ibiza, you can look for the San Carlos village, the last hippy bastion in Ibiza. Speaking of hippies, you should know too that a large number of them came to settle on the Es Vedrà.

Furthermore, there are stories about this Es Vedrà – so-called mystical island rock, along the West coast of Ibiza. This one is said to be where Sirens lived in Homer’s Odyssey. Now add to that the numerous witnessed UFOs and the magnetic effects on navigational instruments and you might just want to experience the whole place by yourself or with a couple of friends, because who knows what gems you might stumble upon. The priest Don Francisco Palau recorded several revelations and encounters with ‘unearthy beings surrounded by light ‘ while he was meditating there. Numerous fishermen are no longer fishing in that area because they have seen gigantic circles of light emerging from the sea. Pretty interesting, I might add.

Next on the map of magic, there is the Cova de Can Marçà – underground caverns that are wonderfully lit by colored lights. After exploring these caves, you can enjoy a refreshing drink outside on the terrace and have a spectacular panorama. Among the cave lovers, there are perhaps some interested in ancient tombs. Well, Ibiza can provide places for them too ! Necròpolis del Puig des Molins represents burial ground from the 7th century BC and Phoenician times. Amulets and figurines from more than 3000 tombs are on display at the museum site.

Phoenicians believed that Ibiza was blessed by the Gods, because of the soil that is red and non-volcanic. Many people still wear pendants that contain the sacred soil to be safe from harm. The blessed island is predicted by Nostradamus himself to be Earth’s final refuge, after the nuclear catastrophe will destroy every form of life, due to its special type of environment to be the only life-supporting one. Who would have thought …

After hunting deep secrets and exploring hidden places it’s recommended getting your stomach out on a treat. It is called flao and is a bit difficult to track down, but totally rewarding. It is a dessert containing sweet cheese and mint flan. Resembling the American cheesecake, this one is more of a tasty pudding, a bit herby than other things you may have tried before but it will leave an aromatic trace behind so that Ibiza can remain a beautiful memory on plenty of levels. Look at this island beyond the partying, there’s simply too much magic awaiting !

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