Lanzarote: A gambler’s travel guide

July 21st, 2011

In Lanzarote, the most eastern Spanish Canary Island, there is precisely one casino – the Gran Casino de Lanzarote.  The extremely classy casino caters to all tourists in Lanzarote by being affordable and accessible, including several dining options, but it maintains a high style of decorum at all times.  Just about all casino reviews here are positive, but English speakers may want to watch out – some of the younger workers, even dealers, may not understand English.  If this is the case, one should be very careful speaking English around the table to ensure that no one feels that English is being used by tourists to cheat the dealer.   Besides this obvious lingual barrier, casino reviews are consistently positive.

Meanwhile, tourists may wish to stay just across the street at the Apartamentos Playa Club.  This perfectly located 3-star hotel is right across the street from the casino and a short walk away from the longest beach in the city.  The apartment-style rooms look out onto private hotel pools and gorgeous ocean views.  Just another street away is a five star hotel, the Hotel Gran Melia Volcan Lanzarote.  This hotel also contains private pools and some incredible vistas of the ocean in addition to boasting of a more traditional hotel-style room.  Many other hotel s (most commonly with apartment-style rooms) are very near (ten within a kilometer of the casino) and most are able to provide transportation and advice to casino-goers. Be sure to talk with the front desk at your hotel to see how they can help.

When you actually get to the casino, there’s one casino strategy that’s always important to bear in mind, even though it’s one of the hardest lessons to learn.  Stop for a second and think about, say, going to a movie theater. When you wait in line for a ticket, you already know how much money you’re going to leave the theater with, but you don’t know how much you’ll actually enjoy the movie. You’re paying, basically, to see the movie, and liking it is just a bonus. Gambling is actually the same way. You aren’t going into a casino to win money. You’re paying the casino for the service the slot machines or poker tables provide, which is a fun way to socialize and spend money. Actually having fun, or winning money, is a bonus. So the most important casino strategy is to know that the money you take into a casino – that’s been spent, it’s gone. Don’t expect to cut yourself off before you spend it all, don’t expect to only spend half because of what your winnings will compensate you for. Knowing that your money is a payment, not an investment, is the most important casino strategy a casual player can have.

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