PRESS RELEASE: London, England, 08-SEPT-2012 -, is pleased to announce a new line of traditional African clothing for children. These garments are designed by exciting Ghanian clothing designers, using traditional patterns and fabrics.

The symbols and even the colors of this fabrics, known as Adinkra cloths were created by the Asante people from the West African country of Ghana. The designs today can be seen in scarves, architecture, jewellery and of course the new line of clothing for children.

The children's garments are in colors that relate to certain natural elements, including peace, love, harmony, vegetation, healing, and other aspects of life and the environment. The styles are similar for the boy's suits. It is the color that changes. The same is true of the girl's suits. Patterns and colors change in each instance, but not the basic design.

The garments are attractive and roomy enough that they do not bind or chafe tender skin. For families that want to teach children about cultural heritage and beliefs, the garments and other items found at the boutique offers an attractive and useful teaching tool.

All the products have a link to Ghana, West Africa. They include clothing for children and adults, sculptures, African masks, handcrafted jewelry, home decor and leather bags.

Learn more about how traditional religious beliefs, philosophy and history of the Ghanaian peoples can be seen in artistic fabrics and patterns for children's clothing by visiting the website at today. Members of the press and others who have an interest in the details presented in this press release are encouraged to contact Brian Legair at the location described below.

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